5 Questions every 30 Year Old Should Ask Themselves

Almost five years ago, I wrote a blog post about questions every 26 year old should ask themselves.

Now that I’ve aged just the slightest bit, I think it’s time to check in again. It’s funny how the questions in my head have changed, even in these short five years. Here we go.

5 Questions every 30 year old should ask themselves:


Do I honestly need 7 to 8 hours of solid sleep?

The answer is yes. THE ANSWER IS SO YES. If you are no longer in your twenties (or severely pregnant), you will understand that sleeping through the night is the equivalent of catching sight of a unicorn using your barbecue in your backyard in the middle of winter. It simply doesn’t happen.

You see, your bladder had a conversation with your bones the night before you turned thirty and decided that it was time to wake you up every 2-5 hours during the night. For the rest of your life.

Do I really need the special edition, director’s cut Blu Ray of “The Fellowship of the Rings”? Even if it comes with a Kingdom of Gondor paperweight?

This specific question is more for my husband than for myself, but it’s the sentiment that matters. When I go shopping, it’s not a matter of want anymore (so much) (sometimes it is), it’s a matter of need. There are so many things I could see myself enjoying possessing, but do I really need them? Should I really buy this stationary kit with colorful cupcakes printed on them that I’ll use a few times a year because who writes letters anymore even though it’s a beautiful, lost tradition that I feel should make a strong come back, or should I buy those whole grain frozen waffles that I know we like to eat on Sunday mornings? UGH.

When did The Great British Baking Show become so enthralling?

You could not catch me DEAD with a spatula five years ago.

Today’s Angela wants to find out how to get ahold of a good rye bread starter dough. Did you know that all rye bread comes from a previous batch of dough? Like, someone keeps a bit of it from their last batch and pulls it out to make a new loaf. I just don’t understand WHERE THE ORIGINAL DOUGH COMES FROM. How did it start? I can’t.

Anyway, this show is so lovely I want to live in the tent they bake in. The contestants and judges are so polite, it really restores my faith in humanity as a whole. Plus I’m picking up some great phrases that sound horrifically pretentious when an American says them, like, “That pastry is most attractive!” or “There’s nothing that can go pear shaped when your baking with pears!” Did you notice I said “a bit” in my previous paragraph? That’s not going away.

The show is nice and calm and if it had a scent, it would be lavender and creme.

What, exactly, is my “lifestyle?”

Is it stressful yet luxurious? Simple and laid back? Modern but modest?

What I’m saying is, how much work, meaning jobs, are you willing to put forth for the sort of lifestyle you want? You’ve been in the work force for awhile now. Do you like it? Is your job giving you the kind of satisfaction you were looking for?

My lifestyle, I’m finding, now that I can afford to have one, is a mix of hard work and relaxation. We don’t live in a fancy house. We chose the country over the city. Our life is not work. There’s pros and cons to both sides.

Priorities and money and family and choices really start to become clear in this decade. I can see that already. We’ve studied our fingerprints all these years, trying to figure out exactly who we are. Now it’s time to set them in the concrete.

Why don’t I know this song?/Why does Billy Joel sound so good every time I hear him?

Let’s get one thing straight. There is nothing wrong with Billy Joel. He is a fantastic artist and I love him. Vienna? You can’t beat it. He is also severely out of date.

There is music I don’t know about anymore. And that’s not all. There are phrases, and gestures, and entire movements I have no idea exist. I still think Facebook is great. I can show you the motion of dabbing but can’t really explain it. I am lucky I know what “Cash me outside, how bow dah” is from.

I am only still in the loop because I have sisters in law still in high school and college. Once they’re out, I’m done for.

I’m trying really hard to listen and watch new things, but I just keep asking my Alexa to play Billy Joel when I am in a pinch.

This will land me nowhere. And the worst part is, I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life.